Saturday, November 28, 2009


We ended taking Brody back into the pediatrician because he just wasn't getting better. His breathing was still so wheezy. The doctor came into the reception area and she heard Brody's erratic breathing and she brought him back immediately. They gave him a steroid shot for his lungs, started breathing treatments on him and they tested for swine flu. His test showed negative for RSV and swine flu, thank goodness. But he for sure had pneumonia. This poor guy was barely able to breath and he was just sick of being poked and nebulized. (is that a word?) Any woo, we are still on the mend. But good news, Austyn is going back to school on Monday!! She is probably soooo sick of me. It will be good for both of us. :)

But I have really struggled. I know I could never handle a chronically ill child. I stress so bad over them when they are sick. I lose my patience way too fast, I think thats because of my lack of sleep. And i really struggle with the never-ending neediness. I know what you are thinking- you are a horrible mother. I'm calling DCFS! But its hard to make a meal or do a load of laundry OR load the dishwasher when you have a hyperventilating (because he is trying to cry)child on the other side of the fence. (Yes, i fence off my kitchen, trust me, best idea we ever had). Its just been taxing. Poor Cody probably thinks I'm going to do something drastic like pick up drinking or go sneak outside for a smoke. Yeah, buddy this is what you married. Sorry if I lead you to believe i was good in stressful situations because I'm clearly NOT!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

don't come knockin our way

Our house has been nothing but germ central. Austy has now missed 4 going on 5 days of school. Last week she had strep throat. And still lingering with a horrible cough, nobody has seen her since last week. Every day I call in to excuse her from school I swear they are thinking I've beat her up and she can't go out in public. But worst of all came last night, into the wee hours of this morning. We took Brody to the emergency room at 5:00, bright and early. He couldn't breath and had a horrible cough. And his fever was insane. They diagnosed our little ball of hell with pneumonia and swine flu. Can you believe it? I couldn't either. I mean last night he did have sort of a yucky cough but come on, swine flu? It hit so hard and so fast. All he wants to do is be held, his fever is raging, he can't cry becuase he is so raspy. All he does is weeze in a pathetic way. He can hardly breath and his cough is just plain scary. If he gets upset he can't catch his breath. I think he might have croup along with everything else. If I take him outside he has an easier time breathing. Its been a mad house. I'm covered in medicine because he isn't a big fan and I haven't slept well in forever. Needless to say we won't be going anywhere for Thanksgiving and no after sales for this mommy. Sad, huh?

Sunday, November 15, 2009


The reason I have hesitated to post this is because I knew it would take forever to post everything I wanted to, but here we go. We had a blast! It was perfect. My mom let me eat EVERYTHING I wanted to without any guilt treatment. thanks mom! And the look on the kids faces when they rode the rides, saw the characters and watch the parades almost brought tears to my eyes. They just got soooo excited. It was so worth it and I hope my mom had as much fun. There was only one glitch and that was the last day. I think we were all a little worn out and Brody ended up getting diarrhea. Yeah, so I'm not super mom. I didn't bring enough diapers to keep up with him. And mom and I sort of lost it for a minute. But hey, one tiff is awesome after 5 days. We did well together. Thanks mom for the awesome trip!!! We made some great memories! Now what we have all been waiting for........ The plane ride
just chattin with dad, chillin.
finally got himself a pirate sword.
infront of Bibbidi Bobbidi Bo. Its a store with all the princess hoop-la. This was the first trip she walked away empty handed. There was a frown in Disneyland, folks.
The carousel. It ended up being Brody's favorite.

Zonked on the first night.
His very best friend. He feel in love with Eeyore. But not the small sized one. He wanted the huge one. Yeah, the pricey one. He was pointing so I handed the small one to him. No likey. Its the same material, same everything. He just wanted it super sized! And grandma bent like a plastic straw. He loves this thing.

Fighting all the enemies in our motel room. these I love. They make a lot of noise (of course). But they are so cool. If you can't tell its Buzz Lightyears gun and a pirate sword. Great combo.

In front of Toad's house. Waiting patiently to ride. The lines were awesome. We usually jumped right on the rides. The only one we waited for was Peter Pan. And that was probably 20 min. Not bad at all.

"Grandma I want to ride the carousel"
"Yeah, that one"
"yep, won her over with my smile. she caves every time"
Isn't she just a doll face.
ha, ha austyn begged her to ride a horse.
pure joy. Sorry the picture is crappy. He was just ecstatic.
waiting for the parade with their glowy light thingys
ready for bed with their new stuffed animals

this is on buzz lightyear. Brody was intrigued. Sorry crazy camera angle.

I love this. 'If you kiss me one more time mom, I'm going to vomit on your lovely white shirt!'
waiting for another parade

That is the little girl that sat beside us. Total stranger but the parents let her sit with my mom. Um, I don't think i would ever let my kid get that close to a stranger. I don't care how sweet the said stranger was.
The only reason I posted this is because Brody's eyes kill me. Just typing this i'm laughing.
One more mom and I swear I'll make you miserable when I'm 17!!!
Click on this one and see Brody's face up close. He's crying for some odd reason, who knows.
This sums it all up. Her face is the reason I wanted to cry. She was so happy. Nothing else mattered to her but watching that parade. Such great memories.
Waiting for the princess and the frog show.
And then last but not least Brody sleeping with Eeyore. He got so many ooooh's and aaaahhhh's from people. Thank goodness for that animal. He loved sleeping with it in the stroller. It saved us. All in all it was such a fun trip. I thought the kids did well for 5 days. Carrying Brody definitly took a toll on my body but we survived. I was really glad to get home. I couldn't wait to see Cody and my dad. I almost cried when I did. Again, thanks mom. We had so much fun.

Monday, November 2, 2009

as of lately....

my mini elton john cooking me breakfast!!

They were boxing with their new gloves. Cute,ay? And thats Brodys leash for Disneyland. Cruel and demeaning some say but at least I won't lose my baby in a swarm of foreigners.

great grandpa elton playing monkeys with the little dragon

so freakin' cute

giving our snowman loves.

Austyn didn't have gloves that fit her so she wore socks. ha. Hence the new ones at the first of the post.

oh, I think she is soooo beautiful
What's Halloween without a Halloween donut. Yummm, they were delicious. Mom had to have a stash of her own. I love donuts!

These are totally out of order but this is my dad with the kids carving pumpkins. Look at the concentration on that girl. She is so artsy. And Brody is all "OOOOOHHHHH"

Allrighty, I'll be posting when we return from Cali but wish us luck. If any of you have seen Brody in action you'll know we are going to need it. He is soooo wild and with a pregnant mommy and a grandma with a bad back it could get really interesting. But it will be some kick a memories and the kids will love it so, on we must go!