Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just for you Daddi-o!!!!

Remember when Brody did NOT want to be a princess?? Well...... Austy had some friends over and he insisted on Snow White. He kept pulling the dress and screaming and when I would take it away he would lose it. So I gave in............
he loved iT!!!! He still pulls the dress out of the closet and runs around with it.
The girls giggling and Brody sneaking away from the camera, you can see his hiney in the yellow!
Enjoying a bed time snack. I love when they sit together and watch TV! How precious!
More MOM!!!!

Practicing for Halloween. Is he not the cutest Dragon???? Oh, I just want to squeeze those cheekies!
Halloween Carnival 2009
She made such a cute Witchy-Poo!

Face Painting. When It was time for bed she refused to have it washed off. There was no way I was cleaning that thick goop off of her pillow. She lost! Sorry babe. But she sure looked adorable. Way too grown up!

Her and her best friend Brooke!!! Thats our neighbor and she's 4, (I think,) and when she's asked who her best friend is she says Austyn!! How sweet. We love you too Brooke!
Austyn and Maddie
What a cute couple. Austyn and Dillon, her Uncle! Of course he's going to be a football player for Halloween, That's what he lives for!
Thanks Dad for getting me motivated to post more. Look at all these great photos that I would have missed out on. I love my family so much and feel so blessed to have them so close. Thats what we have been up to. I'm so excited for Halloween, its one of my favorite holidays.
P.S. dad, you know you can leave me a comment, right? You just click on the comment link and it will let you leave your own sweet thoughts. I love you! And you too MOM! Thanks for reading my blog.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

baby #3 is?????

I have this awesome friend. Oh, she's great! She is an ultrasound tech and she was able to let us have an early peek at this babe. I couldn't have waited another 3 weeks for the official ultrasound and she was an angel to sneak us in. Drum roll, please. It's another...........BOY!!!!!!! We are ecstatic. We took a vote before we went in and everyone of us voted girl. Austy was pretty disappointed. She wanted a baby girl to name Wendy. It makes me sad thinking that she probably won't get the chance to have a sister. Really sad, when I think about the relationship I had with Raech. But I know she'll do great with this new little bruiser. They'll have a connection all their own. So now the hard part is what to name him. Any suggestions?????

Oh and I forgot the best part.. It's Raechie's birthday today. What a great surprise to find out what she has waiting for us on her special day. My parents were able to come with us for the ultrasound, that was pretty special we were all in there together. (I think my dad even teared up...:) Happy Birthday Raech!!!! Love on my baby boy until I can!