Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I have some serious cleaning to do and I don't think I really want to. Yeah, I don't. Yah know how half of you guys have seen my house and you all think its super clean well thats a facade. I should show you what it really looks like. I think I'm going to. Here we go......

Pretty scary, huh. Thats not the half of it. I'd rather not show you my room. But I did do a little plotting for my laundry room.

Slap a little paint on the walls; add a new washer/dryer and a little tile. Thats not too much to ask for is it???? I love that sign. It says it all, no sugar coating.

I'm leaving with this. I love this picture. So precious. Brody rarely sits still so its a big deal to see him relaxing in someones arms. LOVE......

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hello again!!!

I'm here. My computer is totally fine, thank the stars! It just ended up being.. well I don't officially know, but they, the Internet people fixed it. Woooowhoooo! I feel like we have tons of catching up to do, my love. First off California.

Flat out honesty..... It was okay. It was alot of work with 2. It was chaotic and we fought alot. Cody and I. Yeah, we had some great times but I don't think Cody understood that all I wanted to do was push the stroller and eat. Yeah, EAT!!! The second we get home Cody and I are totally back to normal, no arguing at all. Crazy huh? The stress of vacation is sometimes not worth it. But yet the kids had fun and thats all that matters.

And the other big project was this...... TADA!!!!

Doesn't that freakin rock!!!! My dad and Cody busted that out in 3 days. I kid you not! That was the kids Christmas from my mom and dad. But it secretly was for me. The perfect babysitter! (tee hee) But it holds me and the kids simultaneously. I love it. Thanks mom and dad. And thanks for spending every last minute with us putting it together.

I officially feel caught up. It is sooo nice to have my computer back. I can not believe how dependent I am on this thing. I love to check the weather upteen times a day and ksl is my bestfriend! And then not knowing what was up with you daily was devastating. It was like knowing there is a huge bash at your friends house and you are not invited. It blows! Oh I almost forgot we did go to the zoo last week and it was a blast! That was a really fun day. My aunt came with Scarlett in tow, and my cousin's wife, Laura and their new babe, Sky. The zoo, Tres Hombres (yum yum) and shopping with my mama! What could be better???