Monday, March 8, 2010

baby Easton

He's here. He arrived on Wednesday just like we planned. It seriously couldn't have went better. The c-section went smoothly. And he arrived healthy and adorable as ever. When we arrived they hooked me up to all the machines and started an IV to get me ready. According to the monitors I was having some pretty decent contractions but I never felt a thing. And then when Dr. Robinson opened me up she said my uterus was in pretty bad shape. He was on his way into this world that day no matter what. We just made it a little easier on him. She said my uterus was pretty see-through and was getting a little too thin. Um, scary. A uterus rupture doesn't sound pleasant. But it reinforced our 3 kid, no mini-van plan. So here we are, complete.

Everything is going super well so far. The kids love and adore him. And Brody is doing exceptionally well. I was concerned about him. But he understands soft and for the most part leaves him alone. Austyn is great and is his second mommy. Today while holding him she said 'it's burning, it's burning'. I thought she was quoting a movie and didn't think anything of it until I picked him up off her lap and she was covered in urine. His diaper had leaked all over her and the warm urine must have been 'burning' her!

I'm seriously glowing. When we are in the car, I look in the backseat to see all my babies and I realize how lucky I truly am. They are just great. A hand-full but great. My only complaint is this incision. Its getting in the way of everything. I feel so useless sitting on the couch while Cody is wrestling with the kids. I can't stand seeing my house dirty and me not helping out. Brody is still in the loving, hold me stage and I can't pick him up. Its hard to hold him in my arms because he ends up hitting my incision or my engorged chest. So not pleasent.

Life just seems so perfect right now. I guess we'll see what happens when Easton and I aren't pumped up on percocets. That might make things a little different. But right now life is great. Prepare for picture overload, no commentary because I'm wiped out and he's going to be ready to eat in a few minutes. But still, ENJOY.......

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ahhh, less than 24 hours!

I wanted to do a quick post before he's here. I am ecstatic. I can not believe its here. Tomorrow we are scheduled for 11:00 cesarean. I am going to finally see what this little man looks like, be able to inspect his little body and make sure everything is healthy and accounted for. I'm sure I won't sleep a wink tonight. (like thats any different) sleeping kind of blows when you are 9 months pregnant. Its almost impossible. You know what I am most excited for?? Knowing that this is it. This will be the last time I'm pregnant. The last time I will gain 50 lbs. (We sure hope so.) We've decided 3 is a great number. And we are satisfied. It feels complete. And that way Cody can rest assured that he will never be the owner or a mini-van!!! In Hayley's words. BWaHAHAhAhahah.

Alrighty, the next time I post I will have some freakin awesome pics to add. Stay tuned!!