Friday, January 8, 2010

Mark your calenders, ladies

I went to the OB today. Yep, we have set our date. This little man will come into the world via c-section on Mar. 3. Woo Woo. I'm stoked. I can't wait to see his little face, His chubbiness. Everything should be great, unless his arrival comes sooner, then I'll have to go through labor before they cut me open. That doesn't sound like fun. Austyn and Brody were both cesarean, if you are wondering so this little nameless wonder will follow in their steps. I just can't believe we are almost done. I asked the dreaded question to the nurse. So whats the official weight gain so far??? dun dun dun. 39 lbs. For me I was pretty excited to hear that number. I thought we were closer to 50. I guess it just looks like more. I was going to post some pics, really. But our camera is malfunctioning. Which brings me to the other subject.

Our car! Well, its Cody's. It needs a new fuel pump. I was at the credit union today and it wouldn't start. This is where my most awesome dad comes in. He is one of the smartest men i know. He knew exactly what the problem was. I just wanted to get the car home but I couldn't get it to start. So he pulls out his tools and tells me 'I learned this in the army'. He's never been in the army which makes it funny. He tapped a couple times on my gas tank and it started right up. We still need the new pump but at least he got it started for me to get back home. Oh, how I love my family. Guess how much a new fuel pump costs?? Anyone.... anyone? $700.00 dollars. That's about the average. But Cody's buddy, bless his heart, works at Pep Boys and will give us his discount. Man, are we lucky? Needless to say Cody is about to have a hernia. No joke. We have our savings, thank goodness for that. But when Cody has to dive into it, it about kills him. And then I get home and ask him to take pics of me (for you girls to giggle at) the camera won't work. Tack on another $200.00. Poor cody. Seriously though I couldn't help but laugh. What are the odds. He's going to go shoot something today (not people, just clay pigeons). That should relieve some of his stress.

For any of you who read all that, you must really love me. Thanks!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

nail polish can be uni-sex, right??

What was a mom to do?

Love that face... his poor cheekies. They just get so darn chapped in the winter.

Oh, and Cody spoiled me! Woo HOO!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009 and A Brand Spankin New Year

Austy and Brody after visiting Santa.

Making our cookies for santa. They were enjoying the dough, Austy was pretending to be a reindeer, I guess. You like my cabinets in the background??? Yeah, remember my idea to paint them. Didn't go so swell. So until we can get the green paint off and re-stain thats my punishment. It blows.

Austy, what a goof ball. Christmas Eve at my Grandma Kelsey's.
Their new jammies for Christmas Eve and their animals to sleep with.
Santa came to our house! We tried to cut back because we knew what the grandparents are capable of. :) Its a good thing we did because they were spoiled all the way around.

Cody's Grandma Josie.

Thats where Brody wanted to spend most of his time; the dog bed.

Wow. Time flies. Christmas flew by and we are on with the new year. Christmas was great at our house. Santa stopped by and the kids were spoiled. Grandparents helped right along with it. And I was able to find a space for everything they accumulated. That makes me a happy mommy. Cody had to work Christmas so we got the kids up at 5:00. They did pretty well. They went back down around 7:00 so we were able to function through the day. I was so sad to see Cody leave the kids. But we are grateful for his job. We'll get him next year and we will be complete with this little monkey. (still no name, poor kid)
We were able to spend Christmas with everyone. My family and Cody's. It was busy but so great to have someone to spend it with.
New Years held a family get together at Grandma Elton's. Prime Rib. I'm not a fan at all so I had a baked potato and some salad. Yumm-o! But Cody was in heaven. It was a great way to wrap up 2009. I love my family and feel super lucky to have them a part of our lives. My parents have been in Florida for the past week and they come home tonight. I'm stoked to see them. Even though I don't live at home anymore I hate having them gone this long. I miss them like crazy!
You know what feels good? Knowing you are right where you are supposed to be. I feel good going into this new year. I'm where I'm supposed to be. Doing the things I'm meant to do. I hope you all feel the same and I wish you the best in this coming year!