Thursday, June 25, 2009

i loVe baseball

Dillon (cody's younger brother) plays little league baseball. I've never been a huge fan until 2 years ago when Cody and Dallas (the other brother) coached Dillons team. It was the best year. It was so fun to watch them interact with the boys and support their team. I love the weather and the atmosphere. It just makes me beam when I watch those little men get up to the plate. I don't mean to brag but Dillon is really good and he is always on some All Stars or super league team. Last night was a great game and I got some fun pictures of the boys. The great thing about it is my friend's son played on the same team, Brody. Yeah I know. It was way confusing everyone was cheering for him when he would get up to plate and my little Brody was looking around wondering where his fan club was. The year that Cody coached I was prego. I loved going to the games and that was something I looked forward to. There are 2 Brody's in the same age bracket as Dillon and so we were always cheering them on. I absolutely fell in love with it and thats how our Brody got his name. Any who for anyone still reading I loveyou! Thanks for letting me ramble but here are the awesome pics! Remember I'm SO not a photographer, sorry Rowe!

Austy and her friend Belle, Brody's little sister. Aren't they the cutest!

woo woo boys

Dillon and Brody. They both have goofy grins on. hee hee hee

I think thats the other Brody standing in between Dillon and Brody M.

are they not so freakin awesome???

Dillon on first. He did amazing! He usually is catcher. I think thats my favorite position for him. He throws his face guard off so fast to catch a ball and he gets so into it.
chillen like villians



Thursday, June 18, 2009

woo woo

Austy just got back from California yesterday. We have missed her so much this past week. She went with my mom and some friends to Disneyland. (lucky) So Brody and I tried to stay busy.

No, that is not a left handed cig!!! That's a Q-tip!

My absolutly postitivly most favoritist picture ever. (above)

Does he not look like the next James Dean. (or is it billy dean?.... some kind of rebel)

I was busy upstairs doing something of importance ie: blogging. No really I don't remember but anyways he found the cookies in the pantry and was able to open them with his 4 teeth. What a sweet little man I have. In that bottom picture I got the camera out and he knew exactly what to do. cheese it up!

We survived. But all in all he was soooo excited to see his sister. Mom blows. I really can't compete with his big sis. She is honestly the best.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Through all the previews I couldn't understand what the rave was all about. But I went tonight to see it with my mother-in-law, Austy-poo, and Dillon. I. loved. it. I laughed my guts out and my eyes welled up like, seven times. I would defintly recommend it to everyone.

So Cody's dad kept little todster (brody) and if you know him you'll realize this is a haaauuge deal. He changed Brody's poopy diaper! Yes, he, all by himself. I'm sure it got to the point where he couldn't stand the stink anymore, he had called all the surrounding neighbors and relatives, but not a one was home. When they say grandkids change a person, I totally believe it!! Gary is in love with this boy. (of course he still loves Austy but this little man is a replica of gary!) It's the same for my dad. When I had Austy he was madly in love with her. From the time she was little he talked about taking her hunting and fishing. I love our parents so much and I'm so grateful we live so close to both of them.

Monday, June 1, 2009

rockin it old school

No not really, I just wanted a fun post name. Austy has graduatated from pre-school and she's off to kindergarten next year. And we've stayed busy with our backyard. The kids jump from the pool to the slide all day. It's been a blast!!!

And we have been campin with gram and gramp!!! That was so fun. I've never seen my kids sooooo dirty. And Brody was obsessed with the four wheelers. Everytime we were done riding we'd have to pry his little fingers off and then he'd throw himself in the dirt, roll around and cry!! But we had fun and we had the luxury of staying in the trailer with my parents. I don't know how my family did it for 17 years without a trailer. Oh, and I shocked the pants off of Cody and my dad with my markmanship skills. Just a little F.Y.I. for all you criminals. I will blow you to smitheriens (is that how you spell it?) so just don't attempt it! Austy caught a fish and a baby snake. She is sooo brave. She held that snake like it was a bunny rabbit. No, I do not just let her pick up random snakes. She knows the rules. But this one grandpa approved. Just a little baby blow snake. He actually was kind of a doll face. And I also took Cody's Raptor for a spin. I'm not a pro when it comes to shifting and there's no way I can go 75 on that puppy, my eyes can't stay open even with glasses on. All in all it was so much fun. We had some good laughs and now we know to pack enough liquid gold (mountain dew) for an army. We'd hate to be in dire straits again!!! Thanks mom and dad!