Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving ya'll

from our family to yours.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And we're back in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....

Man I can't believe I haven't posted in 2 months! Its about time, huh? And its basketball season at the Cox household so I'll have a lot of spare time when the kiddos are in bed. So I'll dedicate it to the ol' Internet! I was reading back through all this whoop-la and I can't believe how neat it is. I'm really glad I started this whole blog trend. Its going to make a great book when I get around to it. So lets re-cap the last two months.

I've been begging for a puppy and we finally found the right fit for this our Sadie. We love this girl so much and she fits our family so well. Thanks mom for our early Christmas gift. The puppy stage is a little trifling but I know she is going to make an amazing loyal member of this family.

Halloween was super. I love this time of year. The smell of fall, football across the street, my memories of Raech! Oh, I just thrive on this time of year.

We were able to sneak in one last time with the trailer thanks to the ward camp out. I think the kids had fun even though it wasn't a full 24 hours.

Woof. Look at those faces. Its been a great 2 months since I've posted. But one thing that keeps nagging at me is to slow down, ENJOY. Not that we are super busy people but I just see how fast everything is moving. My kids are growing too fast. And i don't know if I'm really sucking up every moment I can. Just tonight Austy wanted me to come lay down with her. How often do I do that, actually get in the covers and rub her face tell she falls asleep? Not too often, there's always something urgent to take care of. Like the house or her brothers. But not tonight. Just her and I talking about school. There will come a day when mom won't be her confidant. And I can't stand to think about that. I came down stairs with tears in my eyes. And the boys, oh those boys. Never a dull moment with Brody. He seriously works me over every day. While making cookies today he literally asked me every 5 seconds if I was done yet? His little brain just doesn't understand time. I was losing my patience and then it hits. He's 2! This is how his mind works.

Brody: done yet mom? (in his version of english)
me: nope, not yet
Brody: ohhh
Brody: done yet mom?
me: nope, not yet
Brody: ohhhh
*repeat 6 more times*

His little language just melts me. His kisses, his eyes. They are so beautiful. And his little belly. Man that kid. Wow.

And Easton. He is growing into such a wonderful child. He's quick. He's crawling and pulling himself up to everything. Smiling and laughing all the time which is a blessing because up until 7 months he was pretty miserable. But we passed that and now we are on to the teething. Yahoo. And he loves me. When I come home from being gone he'll start whimpering for me to hold him. Awww, just precious.

All these pics are random but needed to be posted. You know what I'm grateful for? My camera. Pictures are such a MUST! You can never have enough. So enjoy!

Brody has to be just like his ju-ju. (that's how he says sister). Backpack and all.

One of my favorite things about these two is how well they can play together. The dressed themselves up like runaways and took off through the backyard. SOOOOO cute. Its moments like this that you want to capture in a bottle and hold onto forever.

Life is good!!