Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This is for you babe!! (kerissa:)

Almost a whole year, really? Where does the time go? Well, thanks to Kerissa I'll post a little something tonight! Thanks for being my motivation girlie!! Life is great. Same old, same old. We got some pics of the kiddos from a sweet gal named Shana at Starlit Photography. Super adorable and she was amazing so I'll post those. Hopefully you'll get a giggle out of them. I couldn't stop smiling when I saw them. It captures all their personalities perfectly. Brody was ticked!! It was 'too cold' so he kept hiding in the car. I threatened him that I wouldn't take his four-wheeler to the dunes if he didn't cooperate. It still didn't completely pull him out of the naughty stage but we got some stellar pics of them. Easton and Austy were such posers, they just ate it all up.

Look at Brody's face. Ha, he was mad at me!

Easton was in LOVE with the chicks. Notice how Brody isn't in this pic?? Yep, I am trying to persuade him out of the car!!Brody's smile melts my heartThis pic of Austy is just WOW. She is getting baptized this year! Can you believe it?

Are they not adorable kiddos?! I'm quite biased! Hopefully I'll stay up on this better. This is my only connection with some of you. I know I'm the lamest of the lame because I don't have fb so this is it and I will try to do a better job! More coming soon......hopefully:)