Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yes, we are still alive.

Everything is back to normal at this house and it has been for a long time I just haven't posted. We haven't had anything too exciting happen. We gave Brody his first official hair cut. All of his curls came falling to the floor. It was really sad. It's a lot shorter than I expected but hey at least it doesn't look ratty in the back. I hate when kids' hair looks like that. No pics, sorry. My computer won't let me upload them so who knows, I'll have to play around with it.
Ummmmm, yep thats about it. The kids are about as wild as usual and I'm about to pop. Oh, thats something to talk about. I am sick, sick of people telling me I look huge. You don't think I already know that?? You don't need to tell me that you didn't start showing until 8 months or that you think I should recheck to see if its twins. I know I'm hauuuge, trust me, but come on use the cardinal rule. If you have nothing nice to say, lets just not say it. But this little monkey is healthy and he's moving a lot more. Kicking and punching me. Which is a good sign so I'll take it. I really will post some pics because I personally think it is a cute belly, even if its rather large for 27 weeks. And that about sums it up. Sorry really lame without any pics but I wanted you to know we are still here.

On a different note I went visiting teaching tonight and my companion is awesome. I just love her. She shared a story about her friend who is passing away from cancer. Emily (my companion) told us about how strong this woman and mother is. How much faith she has and how positive she has stayed. She is a mother of 3 kids. Ages 6, 4, and 2 1/2. (I think). I hope Emily doesn't mind me sharing it but it was such a reminder for me of why we shouldn't take the little things for granted. This sweet girl posted about how she wished that she would be able to grow old and gray with her family. To be able to watch and help her kids grow. How she's taken so much joy into being able to take care of her kids, make them breakfast, bathe them, clean up after them. You know the daily things that we, as mothers, look at as chores. She has been so sick lately that she hasn't been able to do those things with her kids. She mentioned that before cancer she didn't enjoy them all the time like most mothers, but knowing that her time was short how she treasured those moments. Its so surreal to realize that there is no guarantee to our time here on earth. Life is so precious and it goes so fast. (Its hard to think of what to write next when you can't stop crying) It hit me really hard thinking about not holding my kids in my arms again. Not watching them grow, leaving behind children that are so young they might not remember you. It was a much needed reminder for me to love my babies like there might not be a tomorrow. To treasure the moment and focus on whats truly important.
Now that I have you bawling, go love on your babies. Thanks Emily for that much needed reminder.