Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day and Easton's special day

2 posts in a week. What is up??? Oh, yes I could be catching up on the dishes, vaccuming, or maybe washing Brody's sheets that he just puked in, but nope, here I sit wanting to put up some more adorable pics of my herd. On Mother's Day Cody blessed my Easton. It was great. And then we had a luncheon at a park and it was wicked cold and windy. And on saturday Austy had a kick A gymnastics program. I really wished I would have recorded her moves because as she took off across the stage to do a round off her pants came off. What a good sport. She didn't cry or get too embarrased. She just laughed it off. So here are some memories of this weekend.
They are all out of order but ENjoy!!


grandpa is the coolest
a rugged game of football
oh how i love him (the little one) and of course my dad!!

this is the pose for baseball. his arms are his bat
baby easton in his way too big suit

hahahahaha look how unhappy cody is --"my life blows"

happy boy
my gymnast
pose..... he does everything she does. I love it!
and again. pose

My whole life, right there in that picture.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You're killin' me smalls

I've got the kids listening to the Princess and the Frog soundtrack and jumping on Austyn's bed. What ever it takes to have some alone time. ( No Easton is not involoved, he's asleep in his crib) And I'm going to post some pics of my freakin' cute kids.

Kickin it in Berklee's pink cowboy boots
lovin on Grandma's thighs

We tried to get him some pictures with Dillon's baseball equipment but he was not having any of it

Austy has takin over my motherly duties while I rock the baby

Oh and she had a Birthday!!! Number 6

I said pose for the camera and look at those cheese heads
Happy 6 Birthday love bug. Look at all those cute girlies!!

Dancing with the Stansbury Stallionettes


I seriously love these hams!

Looking back through the pictures I don't have too many of Easton. What the heck? I'll be posting some more soon. But I can not believe he is 2 months already. I'm so stoked for this summerish weather. The kids are outside all day. They've already got the tan going on. And we've watched The Sandlot like a thousand times. That is a classic. If you haven't seen it, go get it. It screams summer to me. Brody is obsessed with it and Austy can quote it.
"You play ball like a GIRL!!!"
For any of you who still read this, Thanks. I know its been crazy but 3 kids is a life changing experience and I'm still balancing out my time. Not to mention trying to get all the sleep I can suck into one day! I hope to get back to posting regularly..... 'count on it pee drinking crap face'. Don't get all offended, it's on the Sandlot. And No austy doesn't run around saying that; she's not allowed to say crap. she quotes it as 'count on it.................face!!!!'