Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Utah Day!

Woo. We have had some fun despite the coughs and runny noses. We've been able to spend time with both sides of the family. We did a pool party/BBQ with my family. I love being with them. We set up the slip 'n' slide and everyone took a turn. Yes, even Grandma and I. The kids got their first experience with the ice cream truck man. Is it just me? Everytime I hear that music I think creep-o!! We did some fireworks with everyone on the 23rd. That was fun. I love that everyone gets along. (Cody's fam and mine). And then we partied it up with Cody's family on the 24th. Austy conquered her fear of swimming. Brody was Mr. Independent, which is way to scary for me when he's by the pool. And little Easton was mauled on by the ladies. It has been a good weekend. We ended it all with a block party. I love our neighborhood. We have the greatest neighbors ever. I went home early because Brody was a hot mess from the fireworks and I missed out on the cops. Those darn illegal fireworks. They'll get you everytime. Drum roll please.........

can you see the resemblance?
woof. what a hot couple?
so all the pics from our firework extravaganza are kind of goofy, off centered, but yet I have some so thats all that matters. no complaining.

summer. shade. smoothies. smiles.

wow. totally our of order. this belongs with firework night. what a chub, huh?
back to pool party. his jumper is the best babysitter EVER!

oh, my babies all 4th of Julyed out
Do you like the way sun brings out my freckles ten fold? I do.

waiting for the ice cream truck to stop their way
tug of war with gramp
and grand mouse!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

May thru July memories

Austy and Daniel her first crush

my little tug boat

they caught a little starling in the backyard...crafty little monkeys

Look another gymnast in the making

the crew

Easton asleep in his jumper and Austy decorated him with blankets

our rig. we think its pretty sweet.


sleeping in the cool bunk beds

me, no?

all decked out for baseball
pose for the camera

this was a couple of days after his first surgery
look at the contrasting
colors of skin 4th of july celebration

yeah for sisters and sleepovers