Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Last night I'm having an inside picnic with Austy and we are talking about Thanksgiving. So I ask her what she is thankful for. These are her answers, our house, cousins, daddys tools, (dad is downstairs finishing our base boards), her nose and her boggers!! That one just kills me. I'm telling her I'm thankful for her and Brody, Daddy, our house and Cody's job. I go on trying to use this as a teaching moment, telling her how lucky we are to have our eyes and our eyesight. And she says " Yah, my lasheyes (eyelashes) and lipstick for my lips". I just feel so blessed. She is such a ham. Oh, and I tell her I'm grateful for the church right down the street and she says "I'm thankful for basketball". At our house church basketball is a huge deal. Cody loves it. Isn't that funny, the first thing she thinks of when I talk about church is Basketball.

But on a serious note I love Thanksgiving. The whole family getting together at my Grandma Eltons, getting to see family you don't see every week, and realizing how blessed we really are. All of us are healthy and happy. We all have a roof over our heads, food to eat, warm clothes to wear, and family that would do anything for one another. Sometimes I get so caught up in things that are not important at all. My family; my beautiful, happy children; my husband who sets such a great example for me, and focusing on returning to my Heavenly Father, that is what is important. I have so much to be thankful for. How neat is it to have a day specifically for you to sit back and count all your blessings.

Oh, and P.S.

For anyone reading this blog and wondering why I'm rambling on, I'm using this more as an online journal for myself. Things may seem mundane to you but this is really what life is all about in my opinion.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Taylor, Austy, and Thomas at Jeremy and Laura's wedding Sept. 2008

Okay, bare with me. I'm so excited that I now know how to do it all. I went through a bunch of my pictures and found some I want to post for family to take a peek at. I take so many I can't show them all. So here we go!!! I stinkin love my kids!! Well the format of the pictures isn't as I had planned but I'm sure I'll grasp this soon.

Ahhh, I'm an official blogger!!!

Look at those eyes! Man, I love this picture!!! He totally is a cox baby.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Okay, here we go!!!

Okay, I've decided to start the newest trend of mothers everywhere. I'm actually kind of excited. It's like keeping my own little journal that everyone can read. But I think its a great idea for family that don't live close to check up on us! So ENJOY.... for these are the days!!!