Thursday, July 9, 2009

one down and one on the way

So i'm assuming that our little frogger jumped into the sink. That is the only possible explanation for his disappearance with out the stink. But at least I can stop worrying. We were gone last night and when we got home today I thought for sure we'd walk into a house smelling like a rotting carcass! But nope. Woof, close one!

But we have some stinkin exciting news!!!

(this is a generic baby, not one of mine)

I'm prego! Yahwooooo! Just barely, this little one is due in March. I planned it that way so I wouldn't have to spend my fatty fat time in the heat of the summer. Lets just pray that we can contain 3 rowdy children during Sacrament meeting! Yikes!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

I am sick to my stomach. My heart is beating erratically and my nose is working double time when I walk downstairs into the kitchen. I lost our frog!!! Dillon (cody's brother) the sweetheart that he is, won me a swimmer frog at the 4th of July festival! I didn't have the proper facilities so I kept him in a Cool Whip container. I was going to go today (monday) and buy all the necessities. They are supposed to have a lid on their cage because they can escape. Well last night I put it on but not super tight because I didn't want him suffocating! Nice, melissa, nice! He ran away. I don't think he could have gotten very far, being that he needs water. But anywho he's gone! I am just sick. All I keep thinking is he's going to start deteriorating and my house will reek. I hate stinky houses. I have to find him. That is sooooo unsanitary leaving a dead frog just laying around. I know this is going to consume me until I find his rotting corpse. Any suggestions girls???

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I love me some rain

I LOVE this weather. The thunder, lightning, gallons of rain. The pounding of it on my windows while we eat PB and J!!! So we decided to venture out and play!

We were soaked so we thought a bubble bath would do the trick....

love it!