Friday, December 26, 2008

Yah, Christmas

This is how irresponsible I really am. We go down Christmas morning and I go to use my handy-dandy camera and I get like 2 quick pictures and then it tells me- no memory left on memory card. Yah, I've never cleared our card. I told you I'm not a computer wiz. So I don't have any pictures for you. But I did use our video camera, no worries! Christmas was wonderful. We honestly are so blessed. Cody has a job. We were able to have a Christmas for our kids and they are so spoiled! With all this crazy economic down fall we tried to cut back and be more responsible, like adults, but you know when it comes to the little ones you just go crazy!!! We bounced back and forth between my family and Codys family on Christmas Eve and Christmas, so by the time 9:00 rolled around Christmas night we were so glad to be home! But we are lucky to have family close to us and we all get along. And when I say that "we all" I mean my family and Cody's. We didn't do dinner again this year because of other engagements but they like each other. Crazy, huh? Yah, We've vacationed together! San diego, baby. That was one of the funnest vacations ever. We are doing Colorado this year. White Water Rafting!!!!
Next subject........ I wanted to let you bloggers know why I leave such long posts and hardly any pictures. I'm more of a journalist/reader type of girl. I will put up some pictures now and then to show you how stinkin cute my family is, but I'm more into writing about my days and how they go and how not perfect my life is. I'm not doing this blog so I can brag about my life, pretend that all my days go picture perfect suzy homemaker. This is a journal. The good, the bad and the ugly! Sorry guys! I know there's not that many of you but if your here for the action I just want someone to listen to me!!! I know typical girl!


The Quintana Family said...

That's so true! Life isn't perfect, and if that's all people expect to hear about it's not fair huh! I personally love reading about other peoples crazy lives, because it makes me feel less alone.

Aaron said...

Melissa! I love you! you are so freakin' awesome! i appreciate you helping me remember, this is why I stay at home and all of the things that aren't perfect yet in our lives, but that I have a lot to look forward to! You are so wonderful! WE need to do something in our busy lives.