Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Austy's B-day, Easter and the Dunes

We'll start from the beginning. My mouse turned 7. Her friend party was a blast. We invited 5 girls over for dinner, movie, Easter egg hunt, and a sleepover. Yah, it was crazy but so much fun. I forgot what its like to have a house full of little girls. i LOVED it. No, really i did. the girls were so sweet and everyone got along. Here's proof.....

She chose an iCarly cake. That girl and her love for Lubert. j/k. (You'll only get that if you watch the show :)

She is growing so fast. She is so open with me. She always tells me when she has done something wrong or if shes having trouble. She also has the biggest heart. There was a little boy she knew from school that people would tease. He never wore new stylish clothes and his hair was never combed. So no one would sit by him at lunch or play with him at recess. When she told me this my heart broke and I started to tear up. She went on to say it hurt her feelings. That she tried to stick up for him and include him. I have never been so proud. I told her to set the example. Make sure you let him play and tell your friends just because some one is different doesn't mean they should be excluded or teased. And to put herself in his shoes. How awful would it be to not have any one sit by you or want to be your friend because of your outward appearance. We had one of those moments. One that a mom will never forget. She is such a blessing to me. We've come a long way together, me and my mouse. From the days we lived together making it through the single mom stage to this crazy, chaotic full house of love.

Now on to Easter and the Dunes!!!

Easter didn't come with too many photos. And if I was able to snap one it was blurry.

Did I mention Austy's birthday and Easter were on the same day this year. Just a little FYI.

We also snuck in a trip to the dunes. There is nothing better then camping with a big group of friends/family.

Brody the stud

best investment / money pit:)

Skylee, Austy, Kelsey, and Berklee
The 4 sand beauties

camping hair

our circle of trust

all the little monkeys

What a great trip. It was our first time taking it out since Cody winterized it and i ended up flooding it, yee gads. Cody handled it pretty well. We've got a lot to learn about trailer maintenance but we are sure making some memories!!!


Josh and Sharyl said...

Those birthday party pics look a lot like some I have of us!

Barbara said...

I love seeing your updates. Your family is so cute!

jenny said...

Oh Melissa, you have such a darling little family :) Austyn is just growing right up...I can't believe it! Rylie's always checking your blog (she's a stalker...j/k) But anyways, just wanted to say hi, and we hope all is well!