Tuesday, August 24, 2010

cherry hill

This was the cheapest and greatest vacay ever! We took our lovely home trailer up to Cherry Hills and spent a couple of days in the sun. This is my favorite; camping but not in real dirt. yes. We got some killer sun, slept in our new rig, and ate fresh pie every night. We soaked up every ounce of fun this place offered. Miniature golf was Austy's passion. She said that was the best and of course the Lazy River. But she went on every ride there. My little mouse, I just adore her. And Brody, wow, he is busy. His favorite was the lazy river, floating on Grandpa's back and just the plain old pools. Miniature golf with Brody is a hoot. He knew which color my ball was and he would pick it up after my first couple of hits and give it to me. He wanted to make sure I kept a low score, what a ham. And Easton was as easy as ever. All i had to do was feed him and then we'd take turns watching him. It was nice to do one more hoorah before school started and the carefree days of summer were over.

austy with her new found floaties

Mr. Independent yet again

In mid-flight

Practicing his escape plan

watching dad at bat
and the infamous golf

Seriously best vacation ever. And look at those happy faces. What could be better?

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Adam and Sarah said...

Haha! I LOVE that picture of Brody leaping into the pool. The. Best. Ever!